The False Memories Network

If you would like to host your website, please fill out the form below and e-mail us to be considered. Your website must be Yu-Gi-Oh! related and will be part of the False Memories Network.

What you will get:

- 200mb webspace
- Unlimited bandwidth
- Your own subdomain ( OR If you have your domain, you may forward your domain to the server.
- E-mail forwarder
- No Ads
- Everything else you a host provider gives.

If you need something specific please let me know.

*However, if you plan to make a portal website for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's or ZeXal, you will get unlimited space to make it as awesome as you want. Layouts and ideas will be presented to the head master first. Fanarts are not allowed to be part of the layout unless you have drawn it yourself.

Do you currently own a website?, If so, please include the URL of your site:
Do you have experience with websites/coding/photo editing programs before?, If so please explain:
What type of website will you be building if you are given hosting here?:
Why do you want to be hosted?:
An e-mail where you would like to be contacted:

Where to e-mail your form:

We will get back to you within seven days.